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a professional landscape design drawing Landscape architects add beauty to our world by designing gardens, public parks, shopping centers, residential areas and more.  They also work to restore wetlands, stream corridors, mined areas, and forested land.  Landscape architects work closely with commercial and residential building architects, and they also interact with surveyors, engineers, and environmental scientists.  They analyze climate, soil, slope of land, drainage, and current vegetation before producing detailed plans for vegetation, walkways, fountains, and other beautifying features.

While some landscape architects work on a variety of projects, others specialize in street and highway beautification, waterfront projects, parks and playgrounds, or residential areas.  They may also be involved in regional planning and resource management, environmental impact and cost studies, or site construction.

Landscape architecture is an ideal career for those who are concerned about environmental issues and enjoy design, nature, and working with their hands.  Landscape architects should possess creative vision and artistic talent, as well as strong analytical skills and prowess in both oral and written communication.  Drafting and designing with CAD software plays a major role in landscape architecture.

Although state requirements may vary, most states require landscape architects to be licensed.  The requirements for licensing typically include a Bachelor's or Master's degree in landscape architecture from an accredited school, work experience (usually 1-4 years), and a passing score on the Landscape Architect Registration Exam.  A Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (BLA) or a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture (BSLA) require four or five years of study.  Those holding undergraduate degrees in another field may enroll for a Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA) which usually takes three years of full time study, but may be completed in two if the undergraduate degree is in landscape architecture.  National standards make it easier to transfer a license from state to state, and additionally require interning for three years under the supervision of a registered landscape architect.

Landscape architects are three times more likely to be self-employed than those in any other profession.  Those employed by a firm have a high possibility of advancement to a project management position and later an associate or business partner.  Job prospects in landscape architecture are projected to grow much faster than the national average for other professions, especially with increased demand for environmentally sustainable landscape and design.  Visit this American Society of Landscape Architects website for more information.

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